Emailing Made Easy | Part 3 | Google Go-To Actions

We're now at the last part in our journey of creating emails.
You've got a reliable way to deliver them, you've got a great looking design but you still need to add value to your emails.

Actions help you increase your users' engagement with interactive buttons in your emails. This is specifically for Gmail users, Outlook/Office 365 has a similar concept called actionable messages but requires a user actually opening the email.

Below is what a Go-To-Action looks like.

You can define actions, in JSON-LD or Microdata. I use Microdata, since the HTML can easily be added into my template just after the body tag.


Typically the description is the same as my email preheader and the url is my first call to action.
In my template it is just a simple @Include("_GoogleGoToAction.cshtml") after the opening body tag to include it.

Now that you've got the required markup, you need to validate that it is correct.
Google has a Structured Data Markup Helper and Email Markup Tester to assist you.

Google has security conditions to use this feature. Such as DKIM authenticated domains, luckily SendGrid does this for us. Security conditions have to be met even for self testing.
To test you'll need to send yourself an email with the markup.
Not from your app! The easiest way is to use Apps Script. When you're done, you'll need to register with Google so that everyone can enjoy your actions.