"Mam, can you give me protection from yourself"

Let me set the scene. Leigh van den Berg, a beauty blogger took aim at Capitec's banking security. Normally I wouldn't care but if you're trying to influence public perception with misinformation I'm going to call you out on it.

It all starts here.

This thread is full of gems. From logical fallacies to tech 'journos'(reviewing gadgets makes you a reviewer not a journalist).
She even went to the point of comparing the need for her to visit a branch(a measure in place to prevent fraud) to not using short skirts as a means of not being raped.

How could she be inept? Unbelievable that people would expect an editor to have comprehension skills. Look I could go on and give great detail into Capitec and their processes. But Leigh van den Berg already did that in a sponsored post.
She went to the bank, everything was explained to her, she provided her fingerprints and she signed the documents outlining everything.
Now she wonders why, she needs to visit a branch? Because you can't provide your fingerprint for bio-metric verification over Skype no matter how much you cry.

So @lipglossgirl before calling everyone with a better understanding of security than you a troll, stay in your lip gloss lane. Your tweet just provided context for a logical assumption that you don't have 2FA on your other accounts.

Below is the exact reasoning behind these security measures but don't worry, she Photoshopped it. She probably can calculate the Luhn algorithm in her head.

In closing, Capitec's online banking security has a hardware based 2FA. Which means you're in control of your own security, there's no SMS OTP that can be intercepted.
You can use an app on your phone, or a token.
If you don't want to pay for the token, use the app.
If you update your phone(software or hardware) frequently, get the token.
When mistakes happen, your account is still secure. Visit the bank, confirm your identity with your fingerprint and gain access back.

Understand the pros and cons of all options and also your responsibilities.
Don't be an attention seeking airhead.